Wedding Bands from by Schwanke Kasten Jewelers: Black Diamond Eternity Band

The Black Diamond Eternity Band from Spark Creations is a beautiful masterpiece, featuring a .59 ctw black diamond set in 18 karat white gold. It’s a very versatile piece, which looks great with a white gold band, a band with diamonds, or a band with colored stones.
Spark creations has been an industry leader for over forty years, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for both new and loyal customers. The unique selling point that Spark Creations endures is the specific cut of the diamonds and stones. Spark Creations has its stones especially facetted for each design they make.

Diamonds come in many colors, some being rarer than others. Black diamonds are among the rarest color of diamonds. The structure of black diamonds prevent them from reflecting light, so they have a beautiful and unique opaque appearance. Technically, black diamonds are real diamonds filled with dark inclusions.

Today, black diamonds are becoming very popular, and jewelry wearers often pair them with white diamonds. The two colors complement each other very well. Black diamonds are more valuable now than they have been in years past.

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