Introducing the Dura Cobalt Domed Wedding Band, 6mm

Today, there are many contemporary wedding ring metals. The metal that looks the most like white gold is cobalt chrome. Dura Cobalt is the perfect alternative to anyone who can’t wear gold due to allergy reasons. Cobalt chrome wedding rings are available in comfort fit wedding band styles and have a very nice weight to them. These cobalt wedding bands are extremely scratch resistant and it’s near impossible to divert them from their original condition, even under intense wear.
Like platinum, titanium, tungsten, silver, and palladium, cobalt is a pure element which is classified as a transition metal. Often, cobalt is alloyed with other metals in order to increase its durability and quality. Rare amongst metals, cobalt is naturally magnetic. However, alloys used to create the dura cobalt domed wedding bands do not retain the magnetic property.
The Schwanke-Kasten Dura Cobalt Band comes in at a 6mm width, and it is slightly domed with a ridge and nicely polished finish. Its extreme durability means that it will stay white without re-plating. The ring is sizeable to 1/4 size.

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