Finding Out Her Ring Size?

Finding out the ring size of your soon-to-be fiancĂ© could be worrisome to many. However, it doesn’t have to be. Consider these tips on finding out her ring size without tipping her off to the upcoming engagement
  1. Talk to her family and friends: Family members and friends often know - or at least have some insight - as to what her ring size is. If they don’t already know, they could still be asked upon to nonchalantly ask her. They could even take it a step further and take her to a jewelry store and shop for rings “just for fun.”

  1. Pretend you’re buying for someone else: If you can frame it to your girlfriend that you are looking to buy a ring for someone else, you could ask for her ring size for reference. If you’re feeling bold, even consider taking her ring shopping with you. Call Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers and schedule a visit if you’re in the Milwaukee area and let them know you your plan so they can help you find out her ring size.
  2.        Grab one of her current rings: Go into her jewelry box and take out a ring that she rarely wears (so you don’t get caught). Bring that ring over to Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers and have them get the perfect size. It’s important to make sure it’s a ring that she wears on her ring finger, as sizes will vary between different fingers.

  1. While she’s sleeping: This technique could be your best bet if your girlfriend is a heavy sleeper. While she’s sleeping, wrap a little strip of paper around her ring finger to find her ring size. Make sure to do it on her dominant hand, as the ring finger on that hand could be as much as a half size bigger than on her non-dominant hand

  1. Play a game: There are several games you could make up to have her reveal her ring size to you. For example, tell her that you heard that if you take your shoe size, multiple it by 2, and divide by 3, it will sum up to your ring size. Now this will not actually tell you what her ring size is, but it is likely that she will say something like, “that’s not right, my ring size is 7.”

Good luck!