Basel Recap continued ...

Sorry for the delay on this ... 

So on Day 2, I went and saw our fantastic partners at Roberto Coin, and thanked them again for inviting us to see them in Italy for a special preview of their upcoming collections, and tour their manufacturing facilities. When I think back to when we started carrying Roberto Coin, I didn’t realize it’s has been over 12 years – wow, what a great partnership it’s been; I can’t wait to see what Roberto has created now!

Moving on, my next stop was Shinola, the “Made in Detroit” brand. What a great story; this USA company makes watches in Detroit, bike frames in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and leather goods in Chicago. Their items are really cool, and at a low opening price point. Stay tuned.

And finally, my last long appointment for the date was with Breitling. The meeting started with Rick (my Area Sales Rep), then Chuck (the National Sales Manager) joined us, then Terry (the North American President), and then Teddy (the Owner). Yes, they were all in the room with your guy from Milwaukee, discussing the new collection – which, by the way, is outstanding!

So what are the updates from Breitling?

  • The release of the latest Emergency – they are hoping this fall.
  • The 48mm B50 is super cool – a must-have for pilots.
  • The re-styled Colt family is at great opening price points.
  • The Black Steel Avenger is really going to be a strong watch on the military straps.
When do we expect to see these products? We are hoping to have them for this year’s EAA. 

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... Untill next time ...